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CCTV 4+1 camera

  • 4+1 Cable For CCTV Camera
  • 100 Meters
  • Designed to combine video, audio and communication systems with each other
  • Material: PVC insulation(Surface)

Flexibility, safety, security and a high quality performanceDesigned keeping the market standards in mind with all the parameters confining between the industrial ranges, the CCTV cables are the most advanced you'll ever find.

House wires heec

House wire

We are reputed manufacturers and exporter of House Wiring Cables in India.

  • ENERGYCAB-FR -> House Wire
  • ENERGYCAB-S -> Submersible Flat Cable
  • ENERGYCAB-M -> Multicore Panel Cable
House wires FR heec

Energycab-FR (Flame Redundant) House Wires

House Wires, which are demanded for their special thermal properties. The bunched conductors are insulated with fire retardant compound. These cables can withstand overload with ease and emit lower heat, which reduce the power consumption. The insulation is resistant to boiling water, steam and vapors and prevents aging and cracking in kitchens, bathrooms, damp walls, chemical industries

House wires FR heec

Eneregycab-S (Submersible Flat Cable)

we are presenting an excellent quality of Submersible Pump Cables. There are more than dozens of cables varieties developed. The offered cables are manufactured using latest technology. At our manufacturing unit, our professionals ensure to adhere to industry standards and quality norms for developing high Quality cables.

House wires FR heec

Eneregycab-M (Multicare Panel Cable)

Multi Core Cable conforming to IS 694:2010 is made with a highly flexible copper conductor and specially formulated flexible PVC insulation and FR PVC sheathing that impart superior flexibility to the cable.

Multicore Flexible

We offer wide assortment of Flexible Cables used in various purposes. Our flexible cables are Manufactured using Annled copper conductor with PVC insulation. Our range of single and multi-core flexible cables are manufactured

We never compromise to use sub-standard raw material instead of high standard & hence Techno Flex consistently remain with the high degree of quality.

Solid / Stranded / Multistranded high conductivity annealed copper wires to meet the requirements according to requirements.

Multicore Flexible cables heec
LAN Cables heec

LAN Cable

LAN cables offers high speed of data transfer with a capacity of carrying high bit rate signaling for extended distances. These cables offers low attenuation,low crosstalk & low return loss. These are made using solid bare annealed copper conductor insulated with High Density Polyethylene compound.

Professional Cable backs all of our cables with a lifetime limited warranty against manufacture defects. During the manufacturing process, our cables are tested three times to ensure high-quality cables. We virtually never have a defective cable come off the production line because of our rigid quality control process.

Instrumentation Cable

Single pair and multi-pair cables with copper conductor, PVC insulated, overall screened and PVC sheathed.

We bring forth Instrumentation Cables that are appreciated for the features such as high performance and superior quality among the clients. We offer Instrumentation Cables in various specifications to meet the requirements of the clients. We provide these Instrumentation Cables at competitive prices to the clients spread across the globe.

Since our establishment, we have been providing our valued clients with superior grade Instrumentation Cable. These cables are widely applauded for their excellent strength and quality finish.

Instrumentation Cable heec
CAT 5 and CAT 6 Cable heec

CAT 5 & CAT 6 Cables

Cat 5 is the slowpoke of the bunch. It can handle 10/100 Mbps speeds (Fast Ethernet) at up to 100 MHz bandwidth.

Around your house, you probably have either Cat 5 or Cat 5e wire. Cat stands for category. Cat 6 is cable that's more reliable at higher speeds than Cat 5 or Cat 5e. They look pretty much the same; in fact, Cat 6 is backward compatible with Cat 4, so you can mix and match. But they're labeled differently and they're different on the inside--where it counts.

Cat 6 cable is full-on certified to handle Gigabit speeds--it's meant to handle it and it does it the best. It's also suitable for any 10-Gigabit uses that may come along someday; although at that point, you're pushing the limits of Cat 6.

Multicore Flat Cable

New-age Automation needs are changing and to stay ahead you need to have nothing but the best in Cable Technology.

Multicore Cables are any cable that has more cores in it than a cable of that type of would usually have.

These multi core flexible cables are used for wiring in control panels, machines and various electrical installations in dry and damp interiors especially under typical industrial environmental conditions.

Multicore Flat Cable heec
Solar Cable heec

Solar Cables

solar cables are exclusively made for applications in photovoltic power systems. A solar cable interconnects solar panels and other electrical components of photovoltic system. These solar cables are designed to be UV & Ozone resistant, Chemical and Oil resistant, with excellent FR properties, propagates smoke with low opacity when forced burned with external source and contains absoluetly ZERO or Low halogen.

It can be used whithin a large temprature range and generally laid outside. These cables can be installed at indoor, outdoor, in hazard areas, in explosion areas, in industry and in agriculture.

Fire Survival Cable

We are engaged in offering a wide spectrum of Fire Survival Cables. Our range of products is appreciated by the clients for its precise use. These tamper proof and shock proof nature cables are easy to install.

The consistent quality of our products,competitive pricing & timely deliveries have helped us to build a wide satisfied client base.Our motivated team of dedicated employees develop,manufacture and supply technologically advanced cables & offer services that exceeds the expectation of our customers.

Multicore Flat Cable heec
Energycab CORD


We are also manufacter of ENERGYCAB CORD with all the of home appliances and all type of applience like fan, computer,ac, washing machine,iron.